Personal Endorsements

From the moment our own State Representative incumbent Fred Wessels gave me his support, I knew we were going to win in South City. When Congressman Russ Carnahan said that this is a primary that he wanted to get involved with — I knew nothing could stop us!

I’m honored and moved to have so many office holders—who earned the votes of the people of St. Louis and Missouri—endorsing me as the next State Representative of Missouri’s 81st House District.

This trust in me comes with great responsibility. And I have too much respect for them as people and elected officials to let them down. They’ve each made their career in governing by making hard choices, knowing when to be flexible and when to stand firm. They stand up for Democratic principles, it’s a group of people that work hard, not for the State of Missouri, but for all citizens.

Personal Endorsements

To be in league with every single person on this list is an honor. My sincerest thank you to the following supporters:

  • Congressman Russ Carnahan
  • State Representative Doug Beck
  • State Representative Michael Butler
  • State Representative Bruce Franks Jr.
  • State Representative Stacey Newman
  • State Representative Fred Wessels
  • Alderman Shane Cohn
  • Alderwoman Megan Green
  • Alderman Dan Guenther