Teachers Know Best

My earliest memories are my mother and I. She worked hard to pay her way through college ending up with several degrees. In any other occupation you would say she over educated herself. But she was a teacher and that’s what teachers do. They learn, they share.

Growing up I was surrounded by teachers at school and my mom’s friends. They are amazing people. Every moment of every day is a chance to observe, to learn, to improve.

Even after my mother retired from the Missouri public school system, she couldn’t sit still. She knew there were kids that needed a teacher. She took a job over an hour away to work at a private school for autistic children.

Teachers are one of our most important assets. They give every child possibilities for the future. They are the foundation of every great business mind, every great leader, every artist and every next teacher.

We can never be grateful enough, or supportive enough for what teachers give us. Thankfully the AFT is there. They keep a vigilant eye on legislators, they take care of their members, they are the  protectors of our teachers.

Education in Missouri is one of my three pillars. Not because it’s cool, not because it reads well in focus groups, but because it’s my family, it’s close to my heart and as a future legislator I can tell you education has a massive economic impact.

I’m proud to have the support of AFT and I pledge stand beside them to work for our teachers and all of Missouri’s children.

Personal Endorsements

From the moment our own State Representative incumbent Fred Wessels gave me his support, I knew we were going to win in South City. When Congressman Russ Carnahan said that this is a primary that he wanted to get involved with — I knew nothing could stop us!

I’m honored and moved to have so many office holders—who earned the votes of the people of St. Louis and Missouri—endorsing me as the next State Representative of Missouri’s 81st House District.

This trust in me comes with great responsibility. And I have too much respect for them as people and elected officials to let them down. They’ve each made their career in governing by making hard choices, knowing when to be flexible and when to stand firm. They stand up for Democratic principles, it’s a group of people that work hard, not for the State of Missouri, but for all citizens.

Personal Endorsements

To be in league with every single person on this list is an honor. My sincerest thank you to the following supporters:

  • Congressman Russ Carnahan
  • State Representative Doug Beck
  • State Representative Michael Butler
  • State Representative Bruce Franks Jr.
  • State Representative Stacey Newman
  • State Representative Fred Wessels
  • Alderman Shane Cohn
  • Alderwoman Megan Green
  • Alderman Dan Guenther

The Best Support

I spent a lot of my early career as a professional actor. My unions, Actors Equity and SAG/AFTRA, made sure that I was protected, paid fairly and my working environments were safe.
And that’s where the Stagehands come in.
As a performer the Stagehands are the ones that make your life possible and that the stage is ready in every way imaginable. They make sure your favorite rock show, stage play or Broadway musical looks good, sounds good and happens without a hitch.

They supported me in my performance career. And luckily, I work with them daily at the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. And when I decided to run for office they were the first union to step up and say, “Travis we will support you here, too.” It’s hard to describe the value of the type of support they give. They are professionals dedicated to putting you in the best light while they’re working for you in the shadows. I’m eternally grateful to my brothers and sisters of IATSE Local 6. They are the best people. Always there with a handshake and a smile while asking “What can I help you with?”

Thank you to the men and women of IATSE Local 6, I couldn’t be prouder having you on my side.